The next level performance iron

Literally all sweet spot, the micro-sized club head trains you to strike the center of the club face so you can be more pure, more often.  So you can spend less time looking for your ball and more time nailing it.

HitFit Training

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The unique HitFit dynamic trains your brain to a higher focus. This dials you in for greater precision when it counts. It’s like fitness training for hands and brain so you can hit with greater accuracy and distance.

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  • Practice makes permanent

    Practice with the PureOne on a regular basis and you train real consistency into your game. Think of it as the 15th club in your bag. Use it and become the confident golfer you want to be.


Tried and tested at all levels

As a collegiate baseball player, founder Dan Bonomo practiced hitting grains of rice to improve his hand eye coordination. Later, when his passion shifted to the game of golf, he wanted to build his focus for hitting irons the same way. But there was no tool out there to help him. So, Dan created the club you are holding in your hand today. The grass roots status of this mini-sized iron has grown in the golf mecca of Scottsdale, Arizona, as it’s been adopted by players of all levels including tour pros.