PureOne clubs will improve confidence, distance, focus, accuracy, tempo and consistency! Get pureOne and get pure ball-striking!

PureOne clubs force the brain and eyes to focus at higher levels. They are just the size of the SWEET SPOT and are available in Pitching Wedge, Mid-iron or Driver. Want pure consistent ball-striking? Get PureOne
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PureOne offers a variety of products that provide high-level feel, optics, and acute neural-awareness of swing mechanics. 

Neuro-scientific Sport Fact #1:
Key cognitive athletic skills can be acquired and improved through using PureOne products and training. 

Neuro-scientific Sport Fact #2:
Better players have better images/memories of the process of spatial reasoning, reaction and pattern recognition in their athletic performance.

Neuro-scientific Sport Fact #3: 
Proper biomechanics and cognitive training can cut the time for learning these skills in half. 

Scientists discovered that the brain of the average person (Not just the elite professional athlete) has an amazing ability to recognize, repeat, and adapt to increasingly difficult tasks if trained using the right  training aid & techniques.


What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us now.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I recently went from a cavity back to a forged iron in an effort to up my game. The smaller forged head is less forgiving of a mishit. This is where the PureOne has helped my game excel!  I’ve had to be more disciplined with my swing plane and focus on a smaller point of contact. I have a mid to high handicap with a hunting background.  I’ve used the analogy of "aim small at large target” with the PureOne to improve my striking ability!  Focus small,strike small and PURE!  Thanks PureOne!!!


I am a believer this is the ultimate pureOne training system. i would like to purchase a left hand set also! maybe this month. I really enjoy this product it is a game changer for sure. I would like to thank whoever’s idea of producing clubs like this. (it over exaggerates your mistakes thus for improving results)


THANK YOU!!!! best training aid ever. A buddy of mine bought your clubs and for ball striking improved greatly. But me being left handed I couldn't use his, so he bought me one for Xmas 32deg. I bought the 48 deg. Best investment I've made for my golf game. My ball striking and control have improved significantly. I use them for warm up before a round and I know I'll have a decent day on the course. Thank you!

My name is Nathan Peliño and I purchased one of small mid iron training aids. I am writing to let you guys know that I have been and still am blown away by what this club has done in my golf game. By practicing with this aid, I was able to improve my ball shrinking ability tremendously, become more consistent overall, and groove my swing so that my path is nearly zero on Trackman. I hit this club every time I practice and before each of my high school matches. Without out this club I do not think I would have been able to shoot the scores I have this year, and as a result I made the varsity golf team. This club has allowed me to keep my swing in check and has really helped.

Nathan Peliño 


I promised you I would send you a note if your product works.  We met in Cinci, in January.  My newly wed wife and I stopped by your booth.I start out my works out with ten swings with your club, then hit a bucket of balls. I played my first round this year, yesterday. The club worked.Lassing Point golf club, back tees.Wet course.  cart path only. First time I ever played the course.  "69". All I can say is, "mid season form......"

Marvin Flynn

Thank you!  I will be very interested in looking at the other clubs, especially the wedge and driver.

Darby M. Roggow

This is a valuable tool for helping golfers of all levels find the SWEET SPOT of the club. In the modern game the basics are easily forgotten. The club re-establishes the NUMBER ONE goal of the golf swing, which is to consistently find the SWEET SPOT of the golf club. The club has made me, and will make you a more consistent ball striker.

Scott Allan

I just wanted to tell you that I personally thought your little training club was the best product at the Vegas PGA Show.  I've been stuck in the office for the past 4 months and saw my handicap rise slowly but surely since.  I fell in love with your clubs at the show and started going to the range on the way home from work two nights per week hitting only my driver and your pure one clubs......it's fun to hit.  Yes, despite the fact that it's sweetspot is miniscule-  it's fun to hit.  I compare it to a carnival game because you get this joy out of hitting it "pure" despite the fact that it's margin of error is minimal.   Needless to say, I finally hit the links yesterday at Marriott's Grande Pines- Orlando, which is the hardest course in Orlando in my opinion.  Without playing an official round in 30 days-  I shot an 81 and feel like I'm ready to get back to consistend single-digits.  Thanks man-  I needed that boost without having to beat 200+ balls at the range 3 days per week.
Best of luck to you and thanks for bringing my game back without goofy gimmicks, training aids or expensive lessons.  You da man!!!

Scott Sterner

Dear Dan,
I just wanted to thank you and your company for the new Pure One training club.When I first saw this little jewel I was really skeptical at what I was going to try.But Like jack Nichlaus always said...just trust your swing.I first tried out the club at The TPC training center in Scottsdale Az.The first few times that I tried to swing the club I felt awkward...I think I was watching the small head rather than concentrating on the sweet spot of the club.Well the first time i worked with it I hit some terrible shots.I was swinging too fast.So back in my bag it went.2 days later I went to Rancho Manana Golf Course in cave Creek Az. I began hitting the club very well. I hit shot after GOOD shot with the club. I was slowed down and turning like I know i should and man what a difference really helped me zero in on the greens.
That same week I met a young man who is a caddie on tour. He had played in the SEC on one of the golf teams there. He took it out and tried it and was he ever shocked. He said he hit it so pure...he wanted to use it during a round he played down at the Karsten course at ASU. He loved it and said he was actually hitting it better than his regular  irons. He shot a 71 that day ...first time on the course....He loved it.....I love it and recommend it for the guy or gal that wants to dial there game in tighter than they thought they could.
It really makes you concentrate on that sweet spot.Once you get used to looking at it...its just like that lake out there...you never see it and you trust your swing...Thanks for helping me with my game...and I show it to everyone I play with and let em hit it....It's awesome!!!!!



Dan, Kyle DeYoung here.  Sending you my testimonial of your little club.
It is hands down the best training aide I have ever used.  It delivers instant feedback with every shot.  Requiring proper swing path and good tempo, it helps golfers of all levels develop a smooth and consistent golf swing resulting in longer straighter shots.  With ball striking at a premium at the highest level, this club has instantly become a part of my daily practice routine. 

Kyle DeYoung


This is an amazing practice club for gaining confidence and improving one's golf swing. It will definitely improve your swing tempo and keep you on plane, which quickly translates into better shots and lower scores. When used as a chipping club it will also sharpen your short game. I'm a believer!

Joe T

The Pure One little club is the best training aid  that I have found for developing good ball striking habits. I have found. I am hitting the ball straighter. I am a 1/2 club longer on all of my irons and hitting my driver longer!!  It gave me the confidence to improve my score and my game has never been better!

Bill Stevens

I bought my club from you at Suffolk . My last name is Bonanno. I love the club. I hit it much better than my Ping's. I'm thinking I hit it so well that perhaps it's a trick club and everyone hits it well.  I didn't ask anyone to try it so I really don't know. When I hit my Pings, they feel so big that I can't  get through as nicely as with the Pure One. Are there any clubs on the market that handle like this club?

Russ Bonanno

Being an instructor I would recommend your product to all levels of golfers. It is also a great tool to teach chip shots and the short game as it brings instant confidence to students when they switch back to their regular clubs. This is the best tool on the market to naturally improve ball striking and overall confidence.


My wife and I purchased a pair of your practice clubs at the Portland Golf Show. This has been the key to a huge improvement in my game. My wife grew up on a Country club and I've been chasing her scores on the course as long as I've known her. It's even helped her shave a couple strokes off her score. I may have more work to do but one thing is sure, these clubs have been incredibly helpful.


I think it is one of the best products on the market!! I feel it has improved my ball striking and hand eye cordination. When I transition back to my own clubs and play the strikes are much more crisp. By doing that I am hitting the ball more consistently which means better ball control and distance. It has a great feel off the clubface and I strongly recommend it to all golfers that want to improve their game.


I used your Pure One at the range at Mountain Shadow  in Paradise Valley, AZ before and after a recent round, and I have to say it is without a doubt the best warm up club I have ever used. Every other devise seems to focus on everything other than what's important, impact and solid contact / ball striking with the sweet spot. Thanks for making such a great game sharpening tool.


My name is Lukas Lizanek. I'm professional golf player and coach from the Czech Republic. You may not remember me, but we met at PGA Merchandise Show at Orlando. I'm using your little club around the greens and on the range, which I bought three years ago at a show. This product is absolutely phenomenal and I have had so much success with it that it makes me think we need to bring this product to my country. Yes!!!!


I would like to commend you on this practice tool. The small head that is just the sweet spot is the best tool that any golfer can invest in.  The feel is amazing and it forced me to slow my tempo. The only warm up/swing practice product on the market I would recommend. Every person should own one and learn to hit before they buy a full set of clubs.


Upon first being introduced to the product, the first two thoughts that went through my head were, How am I going to make contact with this tiny club head, and look out for the shank right!! I've been using it around the greens for chipping and on the range before every round and have noticed  improvement in my tempo, consistency and ball striking. Thanks for a great tool!


I don't believe that many of us realize how powerful our minds really are. We can only learn this when we are really challenged. You can prove this to yourself by warming up and practicing with this small headed aid. Just go to the range and what may at first seem almost impossible will become common place for you. My game has never been more consistent!