Q & A

Q. How do I use the product to get the best results?

A. On this site is How To Use The Products. Go there and carefully read what we recommend for all players. We also have a short video for chipping. If you practice a lot you will know exactly what to do.

Q. Can I customize my lie with pureOne?

A. Yes! The Mid iron and PW can be bent up to 3° up or down.

Q. Can I play with pureOne?

A. Yes! Many people play with it instead of their own clubs with their friends. But we have intentionally stayed in the traing aid niche. If you're in a USGA or R&A sanctioned event it is NOT a legal club yet. But it will be soon.

Q. Should I let my friends borrow my pureOne?

A. No... tell them to get their own! :-)

Q. Is the pureOne good for chipping?

A. Yes! Practice your chipping around the greens with it and watch your consistency and scores improve. It forces what we call.... pure path. See video in how to use the product.

Q. How long will it take my ball striking to improve?

A. The more you use it the better you will get. Everyone is different as you know. Warm up with it before you play and if you really want to improve.....practice! Use it around the greens for chipping and on the range hitting quarter, half and full shots.

Q. Can I put my own shaft in it replacing the steel shaft I ordered?

A. Yes! But True Temper is a great shaft. It is a 370 parallel tip.

What kind of Steel shaft will I receive?

A. True Temper regular or stiff. We also offer project X 6.0 and black gold 7.0. (see shaft choices when you order).

Q. Can I use it at home or at my the office to chip with or hit full shot's into a net in my garage?

A. Yes! But if you're going to hit full shots in the house please open the windows. :-)

Q. What is the warranty on the product?

A. Lifetime

Q. Do you have it in left-handed?

A. Yes we have left-handed in the pitching wedge and mid-iron but not the 10° driver.

Q. Can I use it in the sand bunker to practice?

A. Yes

Q. Are any golf stores carrying the product?

A. Not at this time. By going direct you get your best price and service.

Q. Can I have it cut to a specific length?

A. Yes you can cut it yourself to a specific length. We do not do customization unless it is specified and very specific. And there is an up charge of $19.90. Just note in your order you want to cut it yourself. We will NOT add a grip to it. We will include the grip in your box so YOU can cut it to length yourself and have the grip added.

Q. Should I show this to my instructor and continue with my golf lessons.

A. Yes! We highly recommend you do continue to work with your instructor. Also continue to practice what your instructor is teaching you. It will accelerate learning and your results.

Q. I am a coach is there discounts for myself?

A. Yes we have discounts for all teachers, instructors, high school and college coaches. You must order 3+ to get discounts and we do have PUD pricing.

Q. This is a brilliant idea was this invented by a rocket scientist?

A. No! Just by someone who was tired of hitting it all over the place and face. :-)

Q. Can I order this and have it shipped to other countries.

A. Yes! We ship to all countries.

If you have any questions not covered in Q&A please send them to us so we can answer them. We will put them up and answer them as soon as possible.
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