Better Warmup Tool, Better Golf Swing: The Data Behind HitFit™ Iron

Better Warmup Tool, Better Golf Swing: The Data Behind HitFit™ Iron

In the game of golf, precision is paramount. Club dispersion accuracy is a crucial element that can make or break a golfer's performance. Club dispersion refers to the spread or pattern of shots a particular golf club produces. It represents how consistently a golfer can hit the ball with the same club.

A proven approach to better club dispersion is the HitFit™ warmup tool. Through a test with industry leader Cool Clubs, golfers saw a remarkable improvement in their club dispersion.

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Understanding Club Dispersion


Accurate club dispersion is vital for golfers. Being able to predict the trajectory of their golf swing more accurately, golfers can make informed decisions on shot selection, minimizing risks and maximizing scoring opportunities. 

In turn, club dispersion directly impacts their ability to hit greens, confidently approach the hole, and navigate the course effectively. When a golfer achieves tight dispersion patterns, they increase their chances of hitting fairways, avoiding hazards, and reaching the green in regulation.

Accurate club dispersion also allows golfers to assess and improve one's game. By understanding the dispersion patterns of their clubs, golfers can identify their strengths and what aspects of their golf technique need improvement. 

One of the major challenges golfers face when working on club dispersion is off-center hits. Even slight variations can result in large deviations from the intended swing path. The HitFit™ Iron Wamrup tool is designed specifically with this in mind. The uniquely smaller clubhead forces golfers to focus on hitting the center of the club, also known as the sweet spot. 


Cool Clubs’ HitFit™ Iron Experimental Methodology & Results 

Testing club dispersion involves a systematic approach to evaluate the accuracy and consistency of golf shots with various clubs. Cool Clubs used a golf simulator in a controlled environment, leveraging video analysis and launch monitors to gather data on people's golf swings. 

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Golf Swing Testing Methodology 

Cool Clubs adopted a 10/10/10 methodology to measure the influence of the HitFit™ warmup tool on participants' club dispersion and golf swings. 

The 10/10/10 logic:

  1. Baseline Testing: Cool Clubs began with golfers hitting 10 shots with their normal clubs. These shots serve as the baseline for their club dispersion performance. Collect data on parameters such as ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, shot direction, and distance for each shot.
  2. HitFit™ Warmup: Next, the golfers engage in a HitFit™ warmup routine. The golfers hit 10 shots using the HitFit™ tool, emphasizing accuracy and control.
  3. Post-HitFit™ Testing: Following the HitFit™ warmup, the golfers return to hitting 10 shots with their normal clubs. 

Cool Clubs experts compared the data they collected from the baseline testing and the post-HitFit™ to gauge the impact of the warmup tool on club dispersion and ball striking accuracy. 

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Results of the HitFit™ X Cool Clubs Club Dispersion Test

Comparing data from the golfer's normal clubs before and after using the HitFit™ warmup showed immediate improvements in the golfer's club dispersion. Here are the key findings that show how the HitFit™ warmup tool positively influenced club dispersion:

  1. Hitting more greens: Participants experienced an incredible 90% improvement in hitting greens. 
  2. Better ball striking accuracy: They saw a 67% improvement in their overall ball striking accuracy after the HitFit™ warmup. 
  3. Closer to the hole: A 24% increase was seen in the number of shots that landed within 25 feet of the hole. 

These results mean that golfers who used the HitFit™ warmup could hit the balls more consistently, precisely, and accurately. 

Overall, the comparison of club dispersion before and after the HitFit™ warmup and the statistical analysis confirms that the HitFit™ warmup has a meaningful impact on accuracy and control. This makes it a valuable tool for golfers looking to enhance their performance on the course and improve their overall game.

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Finding More Sweet Spot With Your Golf Swing: The Power of HitFit™ Warmup

The secret to the HitFit™ warmup tool's success lies in its focus on center strike contact and accuracy. By honing in on these aspects, you can unleash a new level of control and consistency in your shots. 

By practicing with a smaller sweet spot, this warmup tool trains people's golf muscles to improve swing mechanics, optimizing their ball-striking technique and developing a greater awareness of club-face control. The result is improved accuracy and consistency in their shots.

Final Thoughts 

For golfers serious about elevating their game, integrating the HitFit™ warmup into their routine is a wise choice. It offers a proven professional method to refine their skills, hit more accurate shots, and achieve greater consistency.

PureOne Golf is so confident in the power of the HitFit™ that we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you're ready to improve your game, purchase the HitFit™ here

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