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Bump & Run Technique: Finding the Sweet Spot with the HitFit™ Iron

Like many golfers, we understand the joy of hitting the sweet spot. It's incredible when your shot seems effortless, sounds pure, and fills you with the confidence to take on Tiger Woods himself on the PGA. However, consistently finding the proverbial sweet spot can challenge many golfers.

That's why we created the HitFit™ Iron. Unlike golf swing training aids, its uniquely smaller club head is all the sweet spot. This trains you to make pure center-strike contact with each swing. 

Our warm-up tool is meant to optimize your practice time, so you can play more golf. Just follow the 10/10/10 practice setup:

  • Hit 10 balls with your 8 Iron
  • Hit 10 balls with your HitFit™
  • Hit 10 balls with your 8 Iron again
  • Hit the course with your buddies

That's it. When you have the right warm-up tool, you don't need to spend hours practicing. If you're looking for a quick golf warm-up, the Bump & Run is a great exercise!

Getting Started With the Bump & Run Warm-Up

What makes the bump and run shot such a great choice for beginners and seasoned players alike? It's simple yet effective. You don't need to be a golfing prodigy or have a complicated swing to pull off this shot. It's all about finesse and touch.

The bump and run shot provides a solid foundation for developing touch and feel around the greens. Golfers learn to gauge the force needed to achieve the desired distance by keeping the ball low and rolling it toward the target.

Using this technique with our HitFit™ warm-up tool helps you feel the pureness of the ball coming off the sweet spot. 

How to do the Bump & Run to Find the Sweet Spot

Here is a step-by-step process to help you find the sweet spot with our sweet spot finder:

Step 1: Using a Regular Iron as a Baseline

Before diving into your HitFit™ warm-up, use your regular irons to create a baseline. 

hitfit training iron, hitfit, pureone golf, bump and run golf exercise

Step 2: Grip and Hand Position

With your HitFit™ in hand, your hands down the club to position it in the middle of your forearms. This grip adjustment ensures that the clubface aligns with the sweet spot. 

Maintaining a consistent distance between your forearms and the grip throughout the swing sets the stage for clean contact.

hitfit training iron, hitfit, pureone golf, bump and run golf exercise

Step 3: Focus on Consistency While Hitting

With the modified grip in place, get to practicing. Repetition builds muscle memory. As you practice, you'll notice that you have to focus 10x as hard with the smaller clubhead of the HitFit™.

Our club is designed to give immediate feedback, helping you to find an intuitive connection between the club and your technique. 

hitfit training iron, hitfit, pureone golf, bump and run golf exercise

Step 4: Transition to a Normal Setup

Gradually transition to a normal setup and grip while maintaining the same feel and focus on hitting the sweet spot. 

This step ensures you can replicate your success with the modified grip in a more traditional golfing stance.

Step 5: Prepare Your Stance for the shot

As you become comfortable, it's time to introduce the bump and run shot. Set up with the club in the middle of your stance, align it with the target, and prepare for a low-trajectory shot.

hitfit training iron, hitfit, pureone golf, bump and run golf exercise

Step 6: Master the Low Point

Focus on hitting the low point of your swing to ensure clean contact with the ball. This crucial aspect of the bump and run shot allows for crisp ball-striking and precise control over distance and trajectory.

Step 7: Switching Back to a Regular Iron

After practicing the bump and run shot technique with the HitFit™, switch back to using a regular iron. You'll be finding the sweet spot much more consistently than before. 

In fact, we're so confident we offer a 60-Day money-back guarantee

Check out the Bump & Run video and more techniques on our site.  

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