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Own Your Golf Swing: HitFit™ Training Club Review

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Own Your Golf Swing

My HitFit journey has a curious twist.

Like many golfers, I was in search of the perfect golf swing. Then I found the HitFit mid-iron training golf club. Granted, that little club head is a bit of a head-scratcher--as in, scratching away, can I possibly hit it? The answer turns out to be yes, and I now use it to warm up with every single round, and most of my swings meet with great contact, ball flight, etc.; a very satisfying experience, and I proceed to warm up with my regular clubs with confidence. 

And effectiveness.

The balls I hit with the regular clubs fly straight and true more frequently than if I don't warm up with the HitFit™.

The HitFit’s Magic on the Driving Range

Here's the curious thing: there are those days when I am warming up with the HitFit™, and I can't hit the thing worth a damn- just one hozzle shot after another. When I have had enough of that, I turn with a bit of grumpy frustration to my regular golf clubs and every time a minor miracle happens...

Confidence on the Golf Course

I hit the golf ball with my regular clubs straight and true with great frequency as if I had been hitting the HitFit™ on the money.  A little weird but true. I'm magically a better golfer.

My takeaway: even if I'm not hitting the HitFit on the money (probably due to my irritating golf swing errors like sliding my hips or moving my head), my brain is still getting the focus it needs from the HitFit™, so that when I transition to my regular golf clubs (and settle down a bit), the HitFit™ has done its job.

golf, golfed, improve golf swing

No More Searching for Golf Swing Tips

I don't worry so much when I don't strike the HitFit quite right the first few times anymore. Instead, I focus on golf swing basics. I get into the correct position, holding my hips and head more still, and I keep on keeping on... and the HitFit does its job! I love it! I may not be a golf professional, but the perfect golf swing is in my sights.

If you want to improve your golf swing, the HitFit is for you.

Golfer Tom Curzon

Handicap Index 11.2

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