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PureOne Golf HitFit Iron

PureOne Golf HitFit Iron

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"This club has absolutely changed my golf game. After just a few practice hits..." - Kelly HitFit™ User

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Masterfully designed and backed with expert instruction, HitFit™ enables you to make real improvements in your game without delay. This is next-level training gear that improves every aspect of your swing. It’s ideal for youth and adults to gain more confidence in the feel and control of their play.  Get dialed in for greater precision when it counts the most! This new PureOne HitFit™ Performance Iron takes pure dead-center hits to another level.

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  • PureOne HitFit Iron Specs - Right Handed 

    LOFT - 36 Degree

    LIE - 61 Degree

    LENGTH - 37.5”

    HEAD WEIGHT - 275.77 (grams)

    TOTAL CLUB WEIGHT - 15.9 ounces

    HAND - Right Hand

    FINISH - 431 stainless steel w/satin finish

    PureOne HitFit Iron Specs - Left Handed 

  • PureOne HitFit Iron Specs - Left Handed

    LOFT - 32 Degree

    LIE - 61 Degree

    LENGTH - 37.5”

    WEIGHT - 275.77 (grams)

    TOTAL CLUB WEIGHT - 15.9 ounces

    HAND - Left Hand

    FINISH - 431 stainless steel w/satin finish

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HitFit™ Performance

Our unique design features a scaled-down club head that increases precision and forces you to focus, resulting in improved performance by design.

With our center strike contact, you'll hit the ball more purely and achieve greater distance and accuracy, starting from the very first tee.


The HitFit™ is a premium practice iron that improves consistency, accuracy, tempo, and grip with regular training. Perfect for practice sessions or adjusting your game between holes, our clubs build muscle memory, and focus.

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Experience the power of HitFit™ risk-free with our 60-day money-back guarantee and free shipping on all products. We're confident you'll love the quality and performance of our equipment.

Ready to get started with the HitFit? Check out our easy-to-follow guide by clicking the dropdown menu below.

How to Use the HitFit™

HitFit™ Step-by-Step Guide

Confidence is about building a mindset that eliminates the hang-ups we have the moment we set foot in that first tee box and take that first swing. So we can hit farther, with more accuracy, and of course, with real confidence.

That's the purpose of the PureOne HitFit, the proven, pragmatic tool that takes your ball striking to the next level.

Your first move is to decide to get HitFit. The HitFit trains your brain to a higher focus. It dials you in for greater precision and allows you to build the right mental framing to hit in the middle of the club head for a consistent, confident stroke.

It's golf fitness for your hands and brain so you can hit all clubs with greater accuracy and distance. Here are the three easy steps to start training with the HItFit Performance training clubs

Step 1  Bump and run training

When you head out to the range, start on the apron of the green. Drop a few balls on the ground. Hit some small bump and runs.

Notice how the Hitfit Iron is forcing you to be dead on plane. It's teaching to really feel how you strike the ball, so you hit it pure more often.

By hitting with this smaller clubhead, you're actually aligning your mind and framing your connection with the club .

Take your time and be deliberate. As you start to really build up your focus, you'll see it's time well spent, as you build your foundation for hitting pure.

Step 2 -  Quarter and half swing training

When you're ready, step back ten or fifteen yards to hit some longer shots. Practice consecutive quarter-and-half swings to feel the connection from here. Make sure you're identifying a target and hitting toward it.

As you hit, you'll see how the HitFit is showing you exactly where you need to strike the ball, and how this dials in your focus, keeping your head down for more accurate ball placement down the course.

Be patient as you train and build confidence in each swing. Again, this is time really well spent.

Once you feel solid with the quarter-and-half swings, grab a bucket of balls and move on to the range.


Step 3 -Three quarter to full swing training

Now you're ready for some three-quarter swings and finally full swings.

Depending on your experience level, this can be adapted to your own training sequence on the practice range.

Always refocus and make sure you're identifying a target to hit to.

As you hit, you're getting instant feedback on how you're striking the ball. Feel how the hand and brain response begins to click. The more you do this, the more natural it becomes for you, as your focus takes over. 

That's where the confidence really comes in, as you train to hit that sweet spot over and over.

If you focus on these simple exercises consistently, you'll see your distance improve, you'll see your accuracy improve, and your confidence will go up. That's because you're now getting HitFit.

When you transition back to your own clubs, there's an adjustment period. Remember to focus on the sweet spot like when you were using the HitFit iron. It's something you do consciously at first and then it becomes unconscious.

Repetition is key, because, with HitFit, practice makes permanent. The more consistently you train, the more HitFit you become.

So go for it, and go for hitting straighter with more confidence on every stroke.