Watch our helpful training videos with PGA Instructors.

Training Videos with PGA Instructors

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Size Matters:

Golf clubs today continue to get bigger and bigger. Why? Because the larger the surface area of the club, the more likely you are to hit the ball. With the PureOne training club, we’ve removed the vanity of the larger club face to help train your body and mind to hit the only part of the club face that actually matters.

Practice makes Perfect:

Just like anything you try to improve upon, the PureOne Golf training club requires practice. This isn’t the club you take out once and immediately improve your game (if there were a club, we’d be out of business!). This is the club you use to retrain your body and mind over time and repetition. Practice on the range before your round, in your backyard, or with your trainer and find that with increased use you’ll be hitting the ball pure more often.

Frustration is Common:

If golf were easy, everyone would play it. You’ve sought out this club so you can get better, so expect to be challenged the first few times you swing it. The PureOne HitFit training club is about retraining your body and mind - aiming small so you eventually miss small over and over again.
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