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How PureOne Golf Was Started

I met the Founder of PureOne Golf on the driving range of McCormick Ranch in the Spring of 2022. His name was Dan Bonomo, and he was doing what he has been doing for a number of years.

Dan would walk the driving ranges of public and private golf courses, of muni's and pro tour practice areas, talking to anybody working on their golf game and was willing to listen.

Dan would tell them about the best golf training aid to gain confidence through a training system that breeds a new focus and commitment. And, if golfers were willing to humor him, how they might benefit from spending just a couple of minutes with him and his golf club.

I Was a Golf Training Aid Skeptic

When Dan approached me that morning, I was the only one left on the range because the 48 players that were there minutes ago had been called to their shotgun start, leaving me as his last available sales target before lunch.

He showed me the club, and I laughed.

As he had been watching me practice, I thought it appropriate to say something to the effect of, "Seeing how I can't hit my regular clubs all that well, how do you expect me to hit this little fella?"

He suggested I just try it and gave me two pointers:

  1. Swing easy
  2. Really focus on keeping my eyes on the back of the golf ball at both address and through the swing

Yeah, whatever...

PureOne Golf, perfect golf swing, golf training aids, golf stores

My Golf Swing Improved in One Session

I started into the "lesson" expectedly firing a couple of zinging Chili peppers (for you Tin Cup movie fans) low, hard, and left toward the trees that line the driving range boundaries.

"Nope", I said. "Not for me."

Dan encouraged, "Just a few more."

He was right.

I not only started hitting it, but I was hitting the golf balls pretty high, pretty far, and generally straight.

Since we were the only two people there, I asked him to tell me more. He was working out of a pop-up tent at the edge of the range, and he had two folding chairs. Hmmm, I thought. Two chairs? One guy? Is this some kind of Candid Camera for bad golfers?

I ended up asking him questions for an hour.

The Golf Training Aid of the Pros

A story that stuck with me so strongly was from Dan's time meeting PGA Tour players, and showing them his golf equipment. One pro golf player in particular, Charley Hoffman, asked Dan to make him a full set of these "little fellas". Think about that!

A professional golfer who has close to the perfect golf swing wanted to use this training club. He literally hits golf balls at the same spot on the clubface over and over and was still looking for an edge in his training regimen.

Hoffman wanted a golf training aid that would finetune his already stellar golf muscles and focus even more effectively on his ball striking.

I was hooked, even if my earlier swings with my golf clubs no longer were.

PureOne Golf, golfers, golf community, golf

The Growth of the Best Golf Training Aids Company

PureOne Golf struck gold, making one of the best golf training aids I had ever seen. With an undeniable product, Dan's passion, and the top entrepreneurial minds, the company is being scaled to new heights.

Their goal is to help golfers of all skill levels improve their performance by providing training and preparation that boosts their confidence and ultimately leads to better scores.

Building a Golf Course Community

Whether you're a new golfer just getting started or a golf course pro, this is one of the top golf training aids to improve your golf swing.

All us golfers talk about the game's greatest gift being the camaraderie it provides on the course. For me, that now extends to the driving range as well.

Mike Hammer - 11 handicap

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