How to use the product most effectively

How to use the product most effectively

The PureOne is so simple to use it can be used any way that works for you. Whether you only hit a few balls around the green or three large buckets preparing for that big day. The PureOne is designed for you. It doesn't matter what your goals are or what level of player you are.

We have received thousands of testimonies from excited amateurs and coaches that use PureOne products consistently. To date, we also have documented over 120 PGA Tour players,40+ LPGA Tour players and many of the top PGA Tour swing coaches using our products.

These world-class players and coaches say things like:

  • “It’s visually stimulating"
  • "Because it requires you to be so precise, you can't help but improve!"
  • "It accelerates learning and improvement."
  • "The size of the the head encourages higher focus and concentration."
  • "It accelerates visual and psychological development."
  • "it gives me instant feedback on every swing and every ball flight."

PureOne Golf Clubs

Imagine hitting the ball in the center of the club face, regardless of the club you have in your hand. It's how the pro's do it and the key to being a proficient player.

PureOne clubs can dramatically help men, women and Jr's, of all skill levels, improve their swing, impact position consistency, and ball striking ability.

The PureOne makes bad golfers good and good golfers great! Here are some of the things golfers have said about The PureOne

  • My tempo is better,
  • I have more confidence,
  • Improved accuracy,
  • More consistency,
  • Increased distance, and
  • Higher concentration

Here are some recommendations on how to use the PureOne product effectively.



  • Take practice swings while focusing on a small stationary object (A blade of grass) using the PureOne product. Do your best to eliminate unnecessary or excessive movement. This produces a smaller, more precise path in the mind's eye is called "Stage 1 Focus."


  • Start chipping and pitching around the green using a proper fundamental approach is essential.


  • In your area or online to help you improve your technique. With proper technique, the PureOne will improve and accelerate even faster learning.

The PureOne® is a versatile product that can be used to practice every shot imaginable (short game, scoring zone, approach shots, and tee shots) at home or on the range. We recommend going through your normal stretching to get your muscles ready to perform.

Bring your PureOne and your own 7-iron/8iron/wedge to practice around the green or on the range.

Toss of a few balls down and gently strike some short soft shots to the flag/hole or an identified target. (For beginners: Start and keep your practice with short 10 to 15-foot chips.)

Focus on technique, As your swing-vision improves and confidence grows, change targets frequently. To continue improving, it is important to challenge yourself. As you improve, continue making the task even more difficult.

After getting confident from close range, gradually choose longer chip shots. Try to control flight, distance, and run-out. As the shots get longer and your back-swing lengthens, you will receive valuable feedback on your quest for pure ball-striking. The goal is to consistently and significantly improve and master this all-important skill.

As you begin to feel comfortable with your ball-striking, grab your own clubs again and repeat! The process!

The routine going to your own clubs is called the transition. Consistently doing this (for 30,60,90 days and beyond) will result in significantly lowering your handicap. As you consistently build shot strength this makes the transition from short chip shots and pitches to half and full shots more gradual. We want every shot to be a PureOne.

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