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Improve Your Golf Game When You Don't Have Time To Practice

Most golfers have the same problem: never enough time. Between work, family, and other commitments, finding the time to play golf and improve your technique can be a challenge. 

Many golf training aids and warmup tools require a significant time outside of actual gameplay to see any noticeable results. Time becomes a precious commodity, and finding those extra hours for practice is challenging. However, there's a solution that fits perfectly into your busy schedule: the 10/10/10 warmup.

The 10/10/10 warmup routine is a game-changer for golfers who want to get the most out of their practice sessions. The name might sound technical, but it's simple: 

  • You hit 10 golf balls with your regular irons
  • 10 golf balls with your HitFit™ warmup tool
  • And 10 balls with your regular irons again 

Yes, it's really that quick and easy. 

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An Effective Quick and Easy Golf Warmup

You may be thinking hitting thirty balls won't improve your golf technique quickly. The secret to the 10/10/10 warmup is the HitFit™ Iron. The HitFit™ is a golf warmup tool with a smaller clubhead that's basically all sweet spot. Cutting out the noise and focusing on the best part of the head speeds up your warmup, taking you back to the basics. It's like wearing a weight vest for your swing. When you switch back to your regular irons, you'll notice a huge difference in how you feel and the quality of your shots.

By bookending your warmup with your regular irons, you can track your improvement and gain and deeper understanding of your weak spots. You'll become better at golf quickly thanks to the instant feedback you get from the HitFit™ and by zeroing in on what you need to improve. 

A Golf Warmup Between Rounds

One of the best things about this simple and effective routine is its versatility. Unlike most golf training aids, it's not just for pre-round warmups; you can also use it in between rounds. If you're short on time and can't squeeze in a practice session before your golf game, you can practice while you play. It can also be used to fine-tune your technique and keep it on track throughout the round.

Benefits for Different Types of Golfers

The 10/10/10 warmup routine benefits golfers of all levels and playing frequencies. Whether you hit the course occasionally or every weekend, this routine will help improve your golf game. By making the most of your warmup, you'll see more improvement with less practice time.  

Golfers Who Can't Play Regularly 

For golfers who can't hit the course as often as they'd like, the 10/10/10 golf warmup quickly gives you a solid foundation for better rounds. With less practice time and better golf foundations, you'll spend more time on the green, enjoying your limited playing time to the fullest.

Golfers Who Play Every Weekend

The 10/10/10 warmup also gives weekend golfers a chance to sharpen their skills and keep their game consistent. By quickly assessing your swing mechanics, ball striking accuracy, and overall technique, you can improve your scores and give your buddies a run for their money. 

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A Warmup for Golfers Who Lack Confidence

Golf is a mind game. The mental aspect of golf can significantly impact a player's performance and overall enjoyment of the game. While physical skill and technique are important, your mindset can make or break a round.

By practicing and refining your skills in a structured and focused way, you'll learn to trust your abilities and find joy in progress. The 10/10/10 warmup routine provides a sense of accomplishment and consistency, helping players feel more comfortable and at ease on the course. Plus, you can always check in between rounds to help keep those negative thoughts at bay. 

improve golf quick, golf warmup, don't have time to practice golf, save time, pureone golf, hitfit, golf warmup tool

Real Success Stories and Real Data

Less practice and more progress may sound too good to be true. But we have the data to prove it. Cool Clubs, an industry leader in club fitting and golf testing, put our HitFit™ to the test. Cool Clubs had participants experiment with the 10/10/10 warmup and found instant improvement for golfers across the board. 

Through their testing dispersion, Cool Clubs found that 8 out of 12 golfers hit more greens; 67% improved their ball striking accuracy and saw a 24% increase in shots landing within 25 feet of the hole. 

improve golf quick, golf warmup, don't have time to practice golf, save time, pureone golf, hitfit, golf warmup tool

HitFit™ Warmup Success Stories

From the mouths of people who have used the HitFit™ Warmup Tool, here are some real-life examples of its impact on golfers:

"You know when you get to the range to warm up with your different clubs before a round, and sometimes you get in a groove and start hitting all of your shots well, and you think, oh boy, it's going to be a great day?

But when you actually start playing, not one shot looks anything like the way you were stripping it on the range.

Then there are the times when you can't do anything other than duff the practice balls, and then it carries over to the course, and you can't fix it. Or start hitting it really well on the course and don't know why…

That inconsistency was driving me up the wall. I decided to give the HitFit™ a try, and it's like a switch flipped. I was able to be more consistent, and I realized that all my trouble stemmed from my warmups. My warmup is not only more effective but shorter too!"

"I don't get out on the course very often, but when I do, and I warm up with my PureOne - I'm guaranteed to have a more enjoyable game. Their warmup tool trains you each and every time you warm up with it helping me lock in my best swing. 
I also got my husband to use it, too. He already plays 4 to 5 hours a game, so adding an extra hour of practice time just isn't realistic when you have kids. Now he can enjoy the game more with his friends."


improve golf quick, golf warmup, don't have time to practice golf, save time, pureone golf, hitfit, golf warmup tool

To Wrap Up the Warmup 

Warming up and improving your golf technique doesn't have to take precious time away from actually playing the game. Using the 10/10/10 golf warmup with the HitFit™, you'll warm up with a purpose. Going back to the basics and hyper-focusing on your technique will provide consistent competency before each round bringing you more confidence and a better game without wasting hours on golf training aids.

You're going to love knowing that you are better prepared to hit more greens and shoot a lower score on that walk to the first tee. 

Learn more about the HitFit™ and check out other warmups on our site. 

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