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The HitFit™ Iron: Better than a Golf Training Aid

When it comes to improving your golf game, there are a lot of golf training aids on the market. From swing speed analyzers and alignment sticks to swing training aids and speed sticks, it's easy to fall into the trap of spending more time and money on training aids than actually playing on the golf course.

However, one piece of golf equipment is changing things up – the HitFit™ Iron. Our tool isn't a training aid, it’s a warm-up tool. The difference between the two is that our warm-up tool is a back-to-basics club, eliminating all the distractions and noise that other clubs and trainers can bring into the picture. By going back to the basics, the HitFit™ Iron simplifies your practice, allowing you to hone in on the most critical aspect of your swing: hitting the sweet spot.

With shorter practice sessions that improve your ball striking, you can spend more time actually playing golf. 

What Sets the HitFit™ Apart From Golf Training Aids

Our uniquely smaller clubhead is all sweet spot. It takes your focus to the next level, honing in on the exact part of the club that delivers the optimal contact with the ball. At the end of the day, the best way to improve your golf game is to find the sweet spot consistently. 

Many of the top golf training aids don’t address this. While your swing plane or ball speed may improve, you ultimately want to improve your center strike performance. 

Golf swing trainer, golf training aid, sweet spot finder, PureOne Golf

Practice Less, Play More

A downside to a lot of golf training aids is time. You can spend hours training with these tools before even playing a round, and that sort of time commitment isn't realistic for most golfers.

The  HitFit™ helps you get the most out of your warm-ups, getting you on the golf course faster and with more confidence. All you need to do is follow our 10/10/10 warm-up:

  • Hit 10 balls with your 8 Iron
  • Hit 10 balls with your HitFit™
  • Hit 10 balls with your 8 Iron 

Yup, it’s that quick. Our customers have seen the difference in their technique after just a few swings. Unlike golf swing training aids, you can even use your HitFit™ during gameplay if you don’t have the time for a warm-up or quick technique check-in. 

Golf swing trainer, golf training aid, sweet spot finder, PureOne Golf, golf sweet spot

Results Proving Improved Game Play

Our training aid is scientifically backed by data. A test conducted by industry leader Cool Clubs showed that 8 out of 12 golfers improved their ball-striking accuracy by 67%, and 24% saw an increase in shots landing within 25' of the hole.

As golfers know, even if all your swing mechanics are in place, hitting the golf ball at the wrong angle with the club can kill a swing. By using the HitFit™ to warm up before using their regular clubs, these golfers were able to hit the most optimal part of their club - the sweet spot- or close to it more consistently. 

When the ball is struck on the sweet spot, the energy transfer is optimized, leading to the maximum distance and better shot control.

Golf swing trainers, golf training aids, sweet spot finder, PureOne Golf, improve your golf swing

The Best Golf Training Aid Can't Compare

From the PGA Tour to your brother-in-law, the HitFit™ helps golfers at every level improve their game. The HitFit™ gives immediate feedback helping to train your muscle memory for more consistent contact with the best part of the club face- the sweet spot.

Whether you're looking to improve your golf swing, swing speed, ball striking, or your time on the driving range, our HitFit™ Warm-Up Iron is revolutionizing how we train.

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