Greens in Regulation by handicap level

  • 24+ handicap = 0 to 2 greens
  • 18 to 24 handicap = 1 to 3 greens
  • 12 to 18 handicap = 3 to 6 greens
  • 9 to 12 handicap = 4 to 7 green
  • 6 to 9 handicap = 5 to 8 greens
  • 3 to 6 handicap = 6 to 9 greens
  • 0 to 2 handicap = 8 to 12 greens
  • +3 to +1 handicap = 10 to 13 greens
  • Tour average: 11.7 greens

The stats don't lie. In order to hit more greens you need to be a better ball striker!

There is ONLY ONE REASON you’re not hitting more greens in regulation.

It has NOTHING to do with anything you’ve been told by experts...

Nothing you’ve ever seen on YouTube...

Even things like increasing your swing speed... keeping your head still... or swinging inside out.

NONE of that matters if you don’t fix what’s REALLY causing your inconsistency when striking the ball.

And here’s the worst part...

if you don’t fix your ball striking you won’t become better. You’ll stay frustrated year-after-year just as you are now.

The good news is —your ball striking struggles CAN be solved.

"I've never really been a great ball striker but then again I’ve never really practiced intelligently either. If I can hit the ball consistently with something this small. I can hit anything."

– Michael Croft

"I was surprised how small the PureOne is but more surprised that I could hit something that small."

– Cactus Mike

Here’s the craziest part...

These golfers didn’t transform their contact or consistency until they started warming up intelligently. The key is having the right tool. One that’s engineered specifically to help you become a better ball striker. Use it on the range before a round and you’ll hit all your irons with more accuracy and hit more greens in regulation. Practice regularly with it and you’ll not only lower your handicap and win more, you’ll enjoy the game more, too!

This secret allows you to be a better ball striker

So, what’s the secret and path to becoming a better ball striker? Of course it’s practice, but more specifically, intelligent practice with the PureOne HitFit™ mid-iron. Because the head of the HitFit™ training iron is so small it’s all sweet spot...or it’s not.

You get instant feedback with each swing. The result is improved focus and better ball striking. It’s remarkable because warming up with your HitFit™ club before a round, trains your brain to hitting the ball where it’s meant to be hit – on the sweet spot.

Imagine your score when you have dead-solid contact over and over again. Those who consistently hit the ball with their clubs’ sweet spot are great ball strikers. They hit more greens in regulation, have better scores, win more and have more fun.

Do you have a proven, step-by-step plan to make your swing PREDICTABLE, POWERFUL, AND CONSISTENT?

My guess is your answer is “No,” but getting there is easier than you think.

The inventor of this amazing training club was a baseball player.

I created the PureOne HitFit™ mid-iron for golfers of all levels who want to play better and have more fun. The key to my invention is the size of the club head. It feels like a normal mid-iron, but the hitting surface is small by comparison – very small.

You see, I was a collegiate baseball player and I desperately wanted to be good. One day during batting practice, my coach said, "if you want to hit the ball better, you need to aim small and miss small".

At first I didn’t get it. Then he went to his bag and pulled out a broom stick, threw a sunflower seed in the air and hit it!

My coach hit something tiny and did it over and over again with ease. How could it be that simple to becoming a better player? He shared with me the old adage that “practice makes perfect” but added “the RIGHT practice makes perfect.” That simple tip helped me earn a batting average of .340 that year, and his lesson was learned, aim small, miss small. As the years passed, my passion turned to golf and there I was on the range desperately wanting to hit the ball better. I knew I couldn’t use a broom stick, so I invented the HitFit™ training club.

You see, the small unique design of the PureOne HitFit™ club allows you to not only efficiently warm up before a round, it automatically and intuitively trains your brain how to focus on what’s important and properly strike the ball pure.

Stop the blow up rounds!

Golf is a game of misses. The less you miss your target, the better you score. If you're inconsistent with your iron play, you’ll have more misses and will struggle to take advantage of opportunities to make birdies or even eagles.

When hitting the irons, many of us bounce between good shots and poor ones. How can we possibly hit one shot so pure and then follow it with an awful chunk or skull?

You'll be amazed at how much more confident and consistent you'll be after warming up with HitFit™.

Sports training with a small object is nothing new. It’s been a highly effective way for athletes to improve their skills and technique in specific sports. Here are some examples:

  • TENNIS players are often taught to warm up with a small foam ball to improve their hand-eye coordination, footwork, and reflexes.
  • BASKETBALL players warm up with a smaller than regulation basketball to improve their ball handling, shooting, and passing skills.
  • SOCCER players warm up with a small ball or a tennis ball to improve their footwork, ball control, and accuracy.
  • BASEBALL players warm up with a small stick to improve their hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and accuracy.
  • And now, GOLFERS may warm up with a small head HitFit™ training club, to improve their ball striking, chipping, and pitching technique all of which will lead to better performance on the golf course.

Aim small, miss small with a very small
scientifically proven club.

(It’s really small!)

You’ll discover greater focus, concentration, and pure ball striking when you practice with HitFit™. The club forces you to fine tune your swing plane to hit the ball pure. Everything you've tried in the past required YOU to deliberately change your swing. That's why it's been so difficult to get lasting results.

The PureOne HitFit™ trains your brain to hit the sweet spot. And what’s amazing is you’ll see results quickly. Warm up for 10 minutes with your HitFit™, then hit your comparable “normal” club (usually a 7 or 8 iron, depending upon your loft), and see how big it looks and easy it is to hit the sweet spot. Taking your newly buoyed confidence onto the course will show up in lower scores.

It’s our honor to introduce...

The FIRST EVER WARM UP Iron proven to help you be a better ball striker and hit more greens in regulation.

By warming up with the PureOne HitFit™, players develop muscle memory and improve their ball striking.

Its advanced design makes it the perfect choice for golfers who want to improve their ball striking and achieve more consistent, accurate, powerful iron shots.

SLASHING STROKES for golfers like you!

There is no statistic that correlates with your ability more strongly than how many greens you hit in regulation. The more greens you hit, the lower your handicap.

A centered strike means optimal energy transfer from club to ball, allowing you to hit it farther and with less dispersion from your target. That means greater accuracy.

Strike from the middle of the face and it won’t twist open or close. You can improve your strike quality simply by making it your focus with your HitFit™ .

You’ll be hitting with more consistency than ever!

WITHOUT swinging harder...

WITHOUT rotating more...

WITHOUT swinging from the inside...

WITHOUT changing a single thing about your current swing.

Skeptical? Great!

Because we not only had our HitFit™ club independently tested but also had golfers put it through rigorous testing.

"The PureOne HitFit™ club is the real deal. I was striking it pure just after a few swings.”

– Patrick Battle

“This thing may be small but the results speak for themselves.”

– Terry Cornwell

The secret is in the design

A radical new club that's a game changer!

Obviously, a lot of advancements in club technology have been made over the past several decades. The golf world has attracted top-level engineering talent from places like the aerospace industry. These brilliant minds have been able to design, manufacture and measure club performance better than ever.

By seeking and investing in these talented engineers I’ve designed a club that truly helps golfers become better ball strikers. And best of all, the experts say it’s so.

We reached out to Cool Clubs, the best fitter and golf analytics company in the business, to give us the facts about the actual benefits of our HitFit™ club. Cool Clubs took 15 golfers with varying handicaps through a four-week longitudinal test using state of the art industry launch monitors which captured all of their swing and flight data with precision.

Not only did each golfer improve their ball striking, on average they hit three more greens in regulation and after only 4 warm up sessions.

A breakthrough that could totally change your ball striking

It’s small by design. The PureOne HitFit™ is the smallest club you’ll likely ever see. It’s a masterfully designed warm up tool, that enables you to make real improvements in your game without delay.

This next-level swing trainer improves every aspect of your ball striking. It’s ideal for players of all handicaps to gain more confidence, muscle memory and improved ball striking.

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