67% of golfers hit more greens after a HitFit™ warmup

Our PureOne Golf HitFit™ Iron is perfect for warm-up or practice sessions.

  • A one-of-a-kind, scientifically engineered training aid that's been certified and lab tested to elevate your golf game.

  • Our testing dispersion in collaboration with Cool Clubs tested dispersion and found that 8 of 12 golfers hit more greens after a HitFit™ warmup.

  • With 67% improving their ball striking accuracy and a 24% increase in shots landing within 25’ of the hole.

  • But don’t take our word for it, take Patrick’s honest and independent customer review in the video below.

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Scientifically designed. Certified & lab-tested.

The key to being a more consistent ball striker is our best-in-class PureOne HitFit™ iron. A lab-tested golf club with one major difference for better game performance.

A smaller clubhead.

We’ve designed the HitFit™ iron using scientific engineering to create a smaller hitting surface while maintaining a full-size sweet spot. Its elite quality, weight and balance conform to the high levels of all golf club manufacturer’s standards.

Learn more about our Cool Clubs lab testing & certification by watching the video on the left.

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PureOne Golf HitFit™ Iron

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Our PureOne Promise

We promise, with practice, you will hit more greens and lower your score with our HitFit™ iron design. A proven, pragmatic tool that helps you hit farther with more accuracy from the first tee.

Our Story

I created the PureOne HitFit™  mid-iron for golfers of all levels who want to play better and have more fun. The key to my invention is the size of the club head. It feels like a normal mid-iron, but the hitting surface is small by comparison – very small. 

You see, I was a collegiate baseball player and I desperately wanted to be good. One day during batting practice, my coach said, "if you want to hit the ball better, you need to aim small and miss small."

At first I didn’t get it. Then he went to his bag and pulled out a broom stick, threw a sunflower seed in the air and hit it! 

My coach hit something tiny and did it over and over again with ease. How could it be that simple to becoming a better player? He shared with me the old adage that “practice makes perfect” but added “the RIGHT practice makes perfect.” That simple tip helped me earn a batting average of .340 that year, and his lesson was learned, aim small, miss small. As the years passed, my passion turned to golf and there I was on the range desperately wanting to hit the ball better. I knew I couldn’t use a broom stick, so I invented the HitFit™ training club.

You see, the small unique design of the PureOne HitFit™ club allows you to not only efficiently warm up before a round, it automatically and intuitively trains your brain how to focus on what’s important and properly strike the ball pure. 

  • "The PureOne HitFit™ club is the real deal. I was striking it pure just after a few swings."

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  • "I've never really been a great ball striker but then again I’ve never really practiced intelligently either. If I can hit the ball consistently with something this small. I can hit anything."

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  • "It's absolutely amazing, I have to have one because its going to make me a better player."

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