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PureOne Golf Announces Successful Golf Club Testing by Cool Clubs

PureOne Golf is proud to announce that the PureOne Golf HitFit Mid-Iron Training Club has been rigorously tested by Cool Clubs, a leading provider of golf club fitting and testing services. The results of the testing confirm that the PureOne Golf HitFit golf training aid can significantly improve your golf game.

A New Standard for The Best Golf Training Aids

Unlike most training aids, The HitFit mid-iron has a very small club head compared to those you normally play with. Practicing with it forces focus because the club face is just about the size of the golf ball it’s hitting. It trains your golf muscles to hit on the sweet spot. That improves your accuracy so that you come closer to your target, not just with your comparable mid-iron, but with all your golf clubs.

cool clubs, improve your golf swing, golf training aids

The Perfect Golf Swing Sweet Spot

The Sweet spot: accuracy and greater distance.

These combine to put you on the green more often in regulation and improve your scores, and our golf swing trainer can help you get there. It’s now been proven by the experts!  

Cool Clubs tested the PureOne Golf Training Club on a variety of golfers, ranging from beginners to professionals, and found that the club had a positive impact on all of their golf swings.

Cool Clubs Testing Results

The testing revealed that our swing trainer The HitFit helped golfers improve their golf swing mechanics, increase their swing speed, and hit balls farther and straighter.

"We are thrilled to have the PureOne Golf Training Club validated by Cool Clubs," said Dan Bonomo, founder of PureOne Golf. "We have always known that our club can help golfers improve their game, but having independent, scientific testing to confirm this is very exciting."

The PureOne Golf HitFit™ Training Club is available for purchase, and the company is confident that golfers of all levels will benefit from using it. The club comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so golfers can try it risk-free.

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About PureOne Golf:

PureOne Golf is a leading online retailer of golf training equipment, including the PureOne Golf Training Club. The company is dedicated to helping golfers improve their game and offers a range of products to help golfers of all levels.

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