Dial In Your Game by Improving Your Hand-Eye Coordination with the PureOne Training Iron

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Why People Put PureOne In Their Bag

  • With a 50% smaller head than your normal iron, the PureOne Training Iron gives you INSTANT feedback so that you can correct your striking accuracy.

  • PureOne helps you strike the ball with more ACCURACY and CONFIDENCE!

  • By warming up at the range with a smaller club, you eliminate the pressure of hitting a small target and reduce the randomness that happens at the range.

  • With PureOne, you can build consistency in your warmup routine, hit the sweet spot, and feel pure contact when you transition to your regular clubs.

Gals and Guys at the Range Trust the PureOne Training Iron Because It Works!

The PureOne Training Iron Checks All the Boxes

✅ Helps You Hit the Sweet Spot

✅ Improves Precision

✅ Helps Build Confidence Before a Round

✅ Eliminates Your Hangups

✅ Encourages the “Aim Small, Miss Small” Mindset

✅ Feel the Feedback Instantly 

✅ Instant Game Improvement

✅ Works for Righties & Lefties

✅ Fits Everyone (Men, Women, Kids)

✅ Works for Beginners to Pros

✅ Makes a Great Gift

Check Out These Reactions from Real Customers

Real Reviews From Really Smart Golfers

  • Finally left handed are back!

    When my truck was stolen in January with all my golf stuff, I was devastated. I was able to replace everything but the Pureone’s. My game definitely suffered. Now that I’ve gotten a Pureone in my bag my game is back on track. Best training club to ensure great contact. I’ll be adding the wedge soon. Thank you.

  • Highly Recommend

    I’ll be honest I’m not usually one for training aids. They are always so gimmicky and really serve no purpose or they just aren’t properly targeting a specific fix in your golf game. With Pure One, it’s real simple. Smaller face means you gotta focus or you’ll shank it haha. That sole fact of knowing that sweet spot is soooo small, you turn your shoulders better through impact and it helps with a slower take away. Highly recommend this! I hit it every range session.

  • Helpful training aid

    well made nice club, helpful in making me concentrate on hitting the center of the club.

  • Surprisingly helpful

    I always start with this club at the driving range. After about 10 balls I switch to my irons and make perfect contact. I love this little thing.

  • The HitFit has made we a getter golfer!

    The HitFit iron is a game changer! I started using this club on the range before every round, and I can immediately feel how it helps me focus on making great contact. When I transition to my normal clubs, I hit the sweet spot almost every time. I am now hitting the ball more solid than ever thanks to this simple additional to my warmup routine. Every golfer should warmup with a HitFit!

  • This little gem has changed my game!

    This warm-up club helps me focus on hitting the sweet spot before a round. I've never seen anything like it. I hit more pure with all my clubs after only a 8-10 minute warm-up. I'm finally starting to take some money from my friends!

The Specs

PureOne Training Iron

LOFT - 36 Degree

LIE - 61 Degree

LENGTH - 37.5”

HEAD WEIGHT - 275.77 (grams)

TOTAL CLUB WEIGHT - 15.9 ounces

HAND - Right/Left

SHAFT - stainless steel

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We don’t just take your money and run. We actually want your golf game to IMPROVE, so we are giving you these tremendously valuable resources and value offers.

PGA Instructor Lead Training Videos

Kurt shows you how to warm up with your PureOne Training Iron and what you should at the range.

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