Meet the HitFit™

Masterfully designed and backed with expert instruction, the last training tool you’ll ever need

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Bring Confidence to Your Swing

Our training clubs are designed to help golfers of all levels improve their swing by developing muscle memory, providing better swing control, and enhancing their understanding of their swing. With our expertly crafted clubs, you'll be able to unlock the full potential of your game and take your performance to new heights.

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How it Works

Experience precision, focus, and performance with our uniquely designed scaled-down club head that promotes center strike contact for more pure hits and increased distance and accuracy from the first tee.

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Dan Bonomo founder of HitFit Golf training tool

What Inspired Us to Make the HitFit™

Once a collegiate baseball player, Dan Bonomo received some wise advice that transformed his hitting skills: "aim small, miss small." Watching his coach effortlessly strike a sunflower seed with a small stick, Dan realized the power of targeting smaller areas to increase focus. This approach led to his best season with a batting average of .345.

Fast forward to his passion for golf, Dan founded PureOne Golf and created the HitFit™ club to elevate golfers' ball striking abilities through focused intelligent practice.

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But Don't Just Take Our Word

The PureOne HitFit™ has been put to the test by golfers of all levels and has consistently delivered impressive results. No matter your age or skill level, you can now aim for that perfect golf swing.

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How to Utilize the HitFit™ to Improve Your Swing

Using HitFit™ Performance training clubs, golfers can train their brain to increase precision and hit the ball in the middle of the club head consistently.

By starting with a small bump and run shots on the apron of the green and gradually working up to longer swings on the range, golfers can improve their accuracy, distance, and confidence.

With practice and repetition, the HitFit tool can help golfers hit straighter with greater consistency on every stroke.

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We stand behind the power of the HitFit™ Iron so much that we're willing to put our money where our mouth is.

With a 60-day risk-free guarantee and free shipping, you've got nothing to lose except for improving your golf swing.

Trust us, your golf game will thank you.